PT Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa

PT. Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa is a leading company in the electrical component sales industry, with a focus on providing comprehensive solutions for the needs of electrical equipment and related technologies. We sell electrical distribution panels, sell Schneider circuit breakers, sell switchboard cubicles, as well as various Fuji brand products (Japanese products), Terasaki brands (Japanese products), Mitsubishi brands (Japanese products), Schneider brands (European products), Siemens brands (Japanese products). Europe), Moeller (European Products), ABB (Swiss Products), the Elimsan brand (Turkish Products), LS Industrial Systems Co Ltd (Korean Products), and the Trafindo brand (Indonesian Products). Established on 6 June 1995, we have built a strong reputation in providing high quality products, professional services and innovative solutions to our customers throughout Indonesia.


Discover Our Product & Business Line



Manufacturing of Electrical Switchboard

Low & Medium Voltage Switchboard (380V - 20kV) | Motor Control Center and Monitoring Desk Control | Auto Transfer Switch, Synchronizing Generator & GCP, Capacitor Bank 380V - 20kV, Neutral Grounding Resistor | Low Voltage Transformers, Battery Chargers & UPS


Installation Work of the Following System

Electrical Power 380V - 20kV, Lighting, Control, Telecommunication, Grounding System and Lightning Protection | Instrumentation Work (field instrument and control system) | Mechanical Installation of Piping Air Compressed, Cooling Tower, Diesel-Generator Set, Insulation Work, Fire Protection & Hydrant System, etc | Design for Generator Electrical System for Factory and High Rise Building.


Supply and Trading Electrical Component

Sell - Buy - Rent ( New or Second Hand ) Transformer, Cables, Forklift, Etc


Job Description

Consulting | Designing | Modifying | Upgrading / Retrofitting | Training | Troubleshooting | Trading

Our Product

Trafo - Panel Cubicle MVMDB - Panel LVMDB - Panel Synchrone - Capacitor Bank - Circuit Breaker - Electrical Switchboards

Panel Listrik

Instalasi listrik dalam suatu bangunan seperti gedung kantor, hotel, instansi, pabrik dan berbagai bangunan lainnya biasanya  tidak lepas dari peranan panel listik yang fungsinya sebagai alat untuk mendistribusikan listrik. Panel listrik merupakan alat listrik yang fungsinya sebagai papan kontrol listrik yang berfungsi untuk menjaga keamanan pada saat terjadinya gangguan dalam aliran listrik. Kami jual panel distribusi listrik serta menyediakan berbagai jenis panel listrik dalam berbagai ukuran, model serta spesifikasi lainnya. Selain panel listrik, kami juga jual cubicle switchboard dan jual circuit breaker schneider.