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Medium Voltage Electric Panel with VCB
Medium Voltage Electric Panel with VCB
Medium Voltage Electric Panel with VCB
Medium Voltage Electric Panel with VCB
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Sell Medium Voltage Electric Panel with VCB

Specification of Medium Voltage Electric Panel with VCB

Yokomindo Assembled Medium Voltage Panel Electric Panel Using Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The contents of the Vacuum Circuit Breaker Components can be customized according to the customer's wishes with Brand: Schneider, Terasaki, Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc.

The Medium Voltage panel functions as a security / protection feature for the transformer used

Can be connected with DGPT Transformers so as to prevent Transformers from being damaged from overheating, Pressure, and detecting if there are gases that arise in the Transformer body.

24kV cubicle can protect PLN transformers and substations from short circuit

Highly required by PLN for consumers to have 24kV Cubicles when they have subscribed to electricity above 200kVA

PT Yokomindo as an electrical contractor and panel maker can meet your needs in installing the electricity network. We can assemble Medium, Low, Synchronize and Capacitor Bank Panels in accordance with the specifications required by your building / factory

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PT Yokomindo also provides various types of electrical components such as






- Transformer

- MVMDP panel

- Pabel LVMDP

- Synchronize panel

- Lightning Arrester

- Cables

- inverter

and other electrical component requirements

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