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Digital Multi Metering Circutor CVM-NRG96-ITF
Digital Multi Metering Circutor CVM-NRG96-ITF
Digital Multi Metering Circutor CVM-NRG96-ITF
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Sell Digital Multi Metering Circutor CVM-NRG96-ITF

Specification of Digital Multi Metering Circutor CVM-NRG96-ITF

Meter & Energy Management System

Electrical Power Analyzer

CVM Power Analyzer has advantages in terms of accuracy and function, the CVM family can be applied to TM and TR panels, because of the many advantages (especially in terms of accuracy), the panel assembly trend shows that digital meters are starting to replace analog meters

CVM NRG 96-ITF Specifications

- Class: Voltage = 0.5; Current = 0.5; Power = 1

- Measurement of 4 Quadrants (can detect wiring errors)

- Can measure Total Harmonic Distortion (V and A)

- Can measure kWh and kVarh

- Programable Ratio CT and PT

- 230V Auxiliary Supply

- Four Lines LCD Display

- True RMS Measurement

- Dimensions: 96 x 96 mm


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